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This emulator can be used to run NDS emulator ROMs for the Wii, Mac, Linux, and PC.

If you are an avid gamer, you should already know that the Nintendo DS is considered one of the best when it comes to gaming consoles. It is built with many different features aside from having the ability to play games. It can also browse the Internet, take pictures and view them, and it also comes with a music player that’s built in to the console.

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Aside from these features, you probably know already that NDS games are always quite adorable and they would easily be able to entice just about anyone to what to play them. The console can play tons of old and new games and among the classic ones are the Pokemon series and the Super Mario titles. You can even play Cooking Mama and Nintendogs using its touch screen feature.

The thing is, there is now an option to watch and play NDS games using a bigger screen and not have to pay extra for it. Yes, with the NO$GBA, you won’t have to spend more just to be able to appreciate the game more.

The NO$GBA was originally used as an emulator for the GBA and the classic GameBoy but it seems that it is now most famous as an NDS emulator. Why? Simply because you can use it with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and even the Windows 7 OS. Plus it can even work for the MS-DOS platforms. The first release of this emulator was in 2002 but its most recent version, which is 2.6, can play both the homebrew DS games and commercial games ROM. You can even download the 2.6a directly to your computer.

The NO$GBA is now dubbed as the most efficient and speedy DS ROM emulator and it can even run on almost every NDS games available at full speed using majority of the computer processors available. As mentioned, it will work even for the GBA and the GameBoy. Aside from these, what makes the NO$GBA really great is that you will only see very minimal errors when it comes to audio and video, which is pretty much different from other emulators that are filled with errors. Martin Koth, the genius behind the NO$GBA, released the emulator’s very first version capable of playing NDS games in May of 2005.

desmume iconGood news for all programmers because this emulator has its very own development tool- the NO$GBA is made primarily to be able to test and debug GBA and NDS software on the Personal Computer. It was build with the programmers in mind and cannot be played by gamers. The Debugger isn’t a freeware though and it can be yours for a minimal fee.

No$GBA has to directly compete with the opensource NDS game emulator DeSmuME.

Leaked version of the Nintendo in-house development tool called Ensata 1.3 shows the type of emulation tools available to the licesed developers.

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If the game you are trying to play does not work on NoGBA try running it on DeSmuME. Some of the more famous titles such as the Pokemon and Super Mario are now supported and further development is being done to improve the compatibility with games.